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Proprietary stone wine racks

Wine Racks made of metal


The Bloxter represents the modern interpretation and evolution of our Multi wine rack series. Manufactured with the same material ie. expanded clay, it regulates humidity and keeps temperature due to its thermal mass. The modern frame with the proportion 1:2 allows you to stack them standing up or laying down. The fine art of simplicity.


Wine rack Series: RackInBlack

Ceramic fusion - coral black sand The new RackInBlack wine storage concept is a truly unique light absorbing wine racking system manufactured of ceramic fusion.

SandyLine Black Series

Massive black lava blocks. Black stone shelves. Black sand. An exclusive all black version of our award winning SandyLine Tuff series. Store your ageworthy wine collection in total absensce of light. All black wine storage concept.

SandyLine Tuffstone

The SandyLine. Experience a wine rack that is the very embodiment of passionate love for wine.

SandyLine Kit

Exclusive and noble ARCave presents an innovative new variation of the famous SandyLine Tuff series: the SandyLine Kit wine rack enables individual bottles to be stored in lateral columns. Two compartment formats are available.

Imperial Royal-Tuffstone

Imperial wine rack - the ideal complement of your wine cellar made of Tuffeau Royal
The tuffeau royal used to build Imperial wine cellars was formed 90 million years ago by overlapping layers of sediment. Pressure exerted over eons re-crystallized this material, naturally petrifying it.

The pinnacle.


Perfect Wine Storage
MULTI's wine racks designed specially for bottle storage combine professional storage of wine bottles with the most attractive wine cellar atmosphere. The bordeaux red or anthracite components have space for an astonishingly large number of bottles. Clearly arranged, secure from rolling, still and protected from light, wines mature in optimal conditions.


HydroTon - a wine rack solution for extensive capacity requirements
Developed shortly after our Multi line, this particular system is the ideal racking system for larger capacity requirements for example in Restaurants, Bars etc. Depending on the chosen combination of the individual elements, you can create compartments holding up to 60 bottles or even 120 bottles should you chose to stack the racks back to back (tête bêche).


Simple modular stone rack system consisting of two base elements with different width and two respective covers either vaulted or flat. The cavo stone wine racks protect your wines from excessive light, vibrations and temperature changes and set a representative atmosphere in every room.


The artisan modular clay wine rack system. Made of clay, one of the oldest building material on earth, gives it slight imperfections in terms of shape and consistency but clay is long-lasting, indestructible, saves and regulates temperature and moisture and is environmentally friendly.


Proprietary metallic wine racks

Wine racks made of stone

CollectionRack G5

CollectionRack wine rack. The ultimate for your single bottles - as well as your vertical collections
If you have been on the lookout for a system for your individual bottles look no longer. With the CollectionRack you can store your last of stock ideally. Perfectly with bottle neck support (optional) to lay down your Krug, Dom Pérignon... Which true wine enthusiast could uncork his last bottle of La Mouline '83 without hesitation? Your vertical collection of Lafleur or Leroy will be laid to rest to perfection.


reddot-Design Award winner 2011.

Wine racks are large, bulky and heavy. Erroneous belief! FlatRacks are light and easily fit in a cardboard envelope.
Nevertheless, the flat, foldable wine rack is stable and looks as great in your living room as in your wine cellar.
FlatRacks are manufactured from black powder coated metal. The system is easily assembled, it is expandable and grows with your wine cellar. Unfolded, the FlatRack is so thin that we can send it to you by postal services.


The fine art of simplicity
Whether you are storing a 6000 bottle collection or only a few dozen bottles, Inline racks are the most variable, lightweight and easily assembled racking system available.


Push to open and softclose drawers are a given for this high end stainless steel ARCave collection rack. Perfectly engineered with adjustable bottle neck supports to lay down your Krug Clos d'Ambonnay and Clos du Mesnil vertical collection in impeccable style.
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