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ARCave Cubic Cellar

Cubic wine cellar system

Kubus Weinkeller

ARCave® Cubic cellar is an ARCave instant cellar module in 3 standard sizes.

Cubic cellar options

Kubus Weinkeller Kubus Weinkeller
The modules are attached to the basement of an existing structure or implemented in the context of a new construction.

The advantages of an external attachment are obvious: no surrounding rooms or adjacent floors with ground heating influencing the cellar temperatures. No warm water piping or other negative influences such as vibrations affecting wine the wine cellar module.

Natural stone facing wall

weinkeller vormauerung vulkangestein weinkeller vormauerung tuffstein
weinkeller vormauerung tuff royal stein weinkeller vormauerung lava stein
weinkeller vormauerung tuff-stein
The truly oldest building material on earth

Often clay is considered as the oldest building material on earth. But clay bricks are man made thus manipulated. For those seeking nothing but the best, only tuff will do. We only use a particular 100 % unaltered type of tuff.

Castello tuff consists of natural, solidified volcanic ash. It has an extraordinary capacity to regulate humidity.

Its porous appearance is reminiscent of ancient Roman artefacts. Its warm colour and rough surface immediately give your cellar the attractive patina of your dreams.


Kubus Weinkeller Kubus Weinkeller Kubus Weinkeller Kubus Weinkeller
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